Will Arizona's New Law Affect Obama's Re-Election Efforts

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Do you believe Arizona's new "Birther Law" will affect Obama's re-election efforts?

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Will Arizona's New Law Affect Obama's Re-Election Efforts

Post  John T. Ford on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:46 pm

This new law will keep Obama off the ballot in Arizona. Arizona's 10 electoral votes may not cost him the election. However, Texas has 34 electoral votes and if the other states pass these proposed laws, Obama could potentially lose as many as 105 electoral votes or more.

Obama would certainly lose the election if that happens. It would be just like the democrats to run a presidential candidate despite the fact the he would not be Constitutionally eligible in some states and not even on their ballots.

It will probably not come to that. Obama will most likely face a challenger within his own party and loose the primary for 2012 and then quietly fade into history as the worst President in United States history.
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