AR Lawmaker pre-files bill confirming AR an open-carry state

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AR Lawmaker pre-files bill confirming AR an open-carry state

Post  John T. Ford on Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:21 pm

AR Lawmaker pre-files bill confirming AR an open-carry state

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KSLA/AP) - An Arkansas lawmaker says he wants state residents to know they can openly carry handguns.

I believe every law abiding citizen has the right to carry a weapon. I think CHL's are bull shit. We should not be requires to have an extra license to exercise our Constitutional Rights. Are we required to have a license to exercise our freedom of speech? Our freedom of religion? Are illegals required to have a extra license to have anchor babies? At the moment, I can't call any Constitutional Rights that require a license to exercise nor one that is more regulated by the government than the 2nd Amendment.

Now with that said, personally I don't think it is a good idea to allow citizens to carry openly. I would never carry openly and forfeit the advantage of surprise. But, moreover, to prevent someone from attacking me on the surprise in an attempt to take my weapon. I went to the gun show in Longview yesterday and every time I go it seems there are more and more weapons and accessories designed for the conceal carry market. I think it is much easier to carry concealed today than ever before. Open carry seems to me to not only be dangerous but, not necessary either. Again, there are plenty of ways to be prepared to defend yourself discreetly~
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