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Read Here Before Posting... Empty Read Here Before Posting...

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:48 pm

Here is a list, that I'm sure we'll adapt as we grow, of things to keep in mind when posting here. We want your stay with us to be an educational and challenging experience, so lets all behave like adults.

1. No nudity
2. No cussing in thread titles. In posts it is fine, but not in thread titles.
3. Threads that have sensitive content (i.e. death of a child, strong violence, sexual assualt, etc.) needs to have NWS/NKS Sensitive Content in the thread title to warn people that there is sensitive content inside the post.
4. Do NOT troll. There will be no member "call outs" or any other drama. If you have a personal problem with a member of this board, take it to private messages and handle it like big boys and girls.
5. Give editorial credit where credit is due. Please don't C & P entire articles from sites. Use the quote feature to post the relevant portion, then link us to the article. It's just more respectful of copyrights that way!
6. I do not intend on deleting threads. I may close/lock them if people get trollish and the thread goes to the dogs, but it will never go away.
7. This is a no edit board. That means we don't censor anyone. This is a double edged sword, so please own your opinions.
8. There will be no allowance for multiple usernames with the same IP address without prior Admin approval.
9. Healthy dialogue is born out of discussion between equals. We're all different. Heck, my two moderators have VASTLY different political belief systems and discuss politics all the time, so let's try to keep it civil!

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