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yet another step backwards... Empty yet another step backwards...

Post  LittleSouthernMama on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:21 am

while i've never supported the wakefield study because of his shady practices, i firmly believe that Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders are a manmade epidemic. articles like this one further demonizes parents of Autistic children that fight so hard everyday to raise awareness. while the study may have been shady, i've never read one that conclusively demonstrates that the chemicals in vaccines don't "flip a switch" or further damage children that are on the spectrum. in fact, most of the pro-vaccine studies are paid for by...wait for it...vaccine manufacturers.

i don't, for a minute, believe that the FDA is truly protecting our children. 1 in 55 boys in America are on the Autism Spectrum. what are we doing to America's sons and WHY won't anyone talk about it other than to say the vaccines didn't cause it?

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Step by step, we'll find the pieces and lend our voices to all those speechless. It's not terrible being different. The real tragedy is ignorance. Autism Awareness.

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