New Medicare Rule Offers End-of-Life Planning

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Do you believe Obamacare contain "death panels" within the legistation?

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New Medicare Rule Offers End-of-Life Planning

Post  John T. Ford on Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:49 pm

New Medicare Rule Offers End-of-Life Planning, But White House Says It's Nothing New

Published December 26, 2010

WASHINGTON-- The White House is pushing back against a front-page New York Times story out Sunday that suggests end-of-life planning policies -- or "death panels" as termed by critics -- have been resurrected through Obama administration rule-making.

The new Medicare rule that takes effect on Jan. 1 will allow payment for doctors to provide counseling to help beneficiaries deal with end-of-life planning assistance. The "voluntary advance care planning" is included in a Medicare regulation issued Dec. 3 that covers annual checkups, known as wellness visits.

But the White House said Sunday the end-of-life planning provisions aren't new to health care services provided by the government

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Does anyone really think that socialized medicine will benefit this Country in anyway. I believe there is already more than enough evidence to prove the use of these "death panels". The entire health care reform bill in reality has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with a huge power grab for the federal government and another avenue to take away our Freedoms and Liberties.

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