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US Air Force Academy Pagan Circle... Empty US Air Force Academy Pagan Circle...

Post  LittleSouthernMama on Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:36 pm

on, january 26, 2010, the United States Air Force Academy opened an outdoor worship place that was designed to be available for use to cadets/military members with alternative/Earth/pagan religion roots.
in this article Staff Sgt. Don Branum details the purpose and function of the worship circle.

keep in mind that the USAFA has spent a great deal of time and money creating beautiful and inclusive worship places for other religions. the chapel is a building with so much deep artistic and spiritual value. it holds regular worship services for protestants, catholics, jews, and buddhists. having toured the facility, i remain in awe of its beauty even years later.

they decided to add a worship circle for pagans. rather than welcoming further inclusion of faith, the pagan circle was watched by people in cars making some local worshippers wary of celebrating there. following that, someone placed a cross on the site. the case was closed without making much of an investigation or any arrests.

article about how pleased pagan cadets were to use the circle:

fox news reporting the desecration of the circle:,2933,584886,00.html

now, the real question that begs answering is why the incident wasn't even labeled desecration by most people that approached the topic? were the shoe on the other foot, if a Christian worship place had been subjected to a Star of David or a Pentagon, the repercussions would have been heard world wide. were the glove on the other hand, if a Cross or Star of David were placed in a Muslim worship place...there could have been blood and fire in the streets.

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