Tax Cut Package Earns Enough Votes to Clear Key Senate Hurdle

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Tax Cut Package Earns Enough Votes to Clear Key Senate Hurdle

Post  John T. Ford on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:48 pm

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A sweeping proposal of tax breaks and unemployment aid earned enough support Monday to pass a key procedural hurdle in Congress, clearing the way for a final Senate vote on the controversial package in the next couple days.

The Senate has crossed the 60-vote threshold needed to end debate on the package, though the vote is still open. The nearly $900 billion tax cut package, forged between Obama administration and congressional Republicans, faces a tougher time in the House -- where Democratic leaders dealing with a backlash in their caucus are waiting for the Senate to act before taking up the bill.

Do you think the Bush tax cuts will be renewed? This Country will be cast into a worst recession than we already face if they are allowed to expire. I believe Obama knows this and will not allow them to expire. I do find it interesting that the democrats have now turned on him dropping the "F" bomb left and right and no one is calling them racist. Hell the mainstream media is not even covering it!

What do you think?

John T. Ford

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Re: Tax Cut Package Earns Enough Votes to Clear Key Senate Hurdle

Post  Einlanzer on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:01 pm

The tax cuts favor only the wealthy, not the middle class. Because of this, they are actually harmful to the economy because they drain the middle class of its purchasing power and funnel their money directly to the wealthy, who then hoards it and removes it from the economy. Please explain why you care about the wealthy more than you care about your own livelihood, which is being adversely affected by conservative fiscal policies.

Trickle-down is and always has been a total farce that has almost single-handedly led to the crisis that we're in now.


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